Encrypted E-Mail Services for Finance • Health Care • Legal • Real Estate

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  • Encrypted Mail for your Medical and Dental Practice

    Transmit patient information securely

  • Encrypted Mail for the Legal Profession

    Maintain client privacy

  • Encrypted Mail for the Financial Services Industry

    Protect your clients' sensitive financial data

Encrypted E-mail for Business

Secure messaging for medical, dental, financial, real estate and legal professionals.

Protect your patient information

Don't let your patients' privacy be compromised! make sure your communications with others in the dental profession are secure to prevent compromise and stay in compliance.

Stop exposing your clients' financial data

CPAs and Tax Preparers: If you're sending completed tax forms by regular e-mail, you may be exposing your clients' sensitive personal financial data!

Real Estate Closings

In 2015, it will become mandatory for closing documents to be sent using encryption. Will you be compliant? Only if you take action. Sign up now.