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Setting up your new account

In order to use ConnectNC’s encrypted mail service, the email service for your registered domain must be hosted on a ConnectNC server.  We need access to the server at root level in order to make sure your mail is handled correctly. ConnectNC will also need to have access to the nameservers for your registered domain.  […]

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Sending Encrypted Messages

If you use your email to send both secure and un-encrypted messages, you will use the #secure method so the service can determine which messages should be encrypted.  Simply add #secure to your message’s subject line. It is not case sensitive, meaning you can use #SECURE, #Secure, #secure, and so on. If you want all […]

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Configuring Outlook for Encrypted E-mail (Existing Account)

Edit your existing email account to work with ConnectNC Encrypted Email Service Click the File tab. Click on the account you want to edit. Click the Account Settings button. Click the Account Settings drop down item. When the Account Settings window comes up, click the appropriate account and click “Change.” Verify or Change your Outgoing mail […]

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Send Encrypted Email using Outlook

Sending encrypted email using the Outlook is simple. Compose a new email message as usual, making sure the subject line contains this string:   #secure It doesn’t matter whether you use all lower case, all uppercase or even mixed case, as long as the string #secure appears in the subject line of the message you […]

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Sending Dental Xrays

Are your fellow practitioners seeing your non-compliance every time you send them patient health information through your Yahoo or gmail email account? If you’re concerned about patient health information security, you should be using our Secure Email Service.  The service allows you to send secure, encrypted email using your own practice email address, with the […]

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Sending Tax Documents by Email

Nearly all tax preparers and CPAs use email to communicate with their clients.  It saves time during “tax season.”   But, what if your client’s income and financial information are intercepted?  How can you protect your client’s social security number and every other bit of information that would open the door for ID theft? The […]

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Real estate closings and encrypted e-mail

This is a post about the mandate for encrypted email set to go into effect in August, 2015.

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